Notice of Privacy

Your safety is important for us



In compliance with the provisions of the Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales en Posesión de los Particulares, (the “Law”) in force in Mexico, its Regulation, the Guidelines of the Privacy Notice and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we hereby inform you the terms and conditions of the Personal Data Privacy Notice ("Privacy Notice”) for KidZania de México S.A. de C.V., KidZania S.A.P.I. de C.V. and/or KidZania Operations, S.à.r.l. (“KidZania” or “Us”), with address at Juan Salvador Agraz #50, PH, colonia Santa Fe Cuajimalpa, alcaldía Cuajimalpa de Morelos, C.P. 05348, Ciudad de México, México; who is responsible for the collection, sharing, storage, handling as well as any other use and the confidentiality and protection of your personal data:


This Privacy Notice governs the collection, sharing, storage handling and any other use of Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information through //;;; or (the Websites or our Websites) and by any other forms, formats or applications issued by KidZania and its subsidiaries, affiliates and parent companies (each a “KidZania Company”) as well as KidZania authorized third parties. By using the Websites and/or providing your information through a KidZania application, form or format you indicate your acceptance of the terms of this Privacy Notice and indicate your consent on the use and sharing of your Personal Information including sensitive information.


KidZania collects Personal Data and Sensitive Personal Data from its users, employees, clients, suppliers and other individuals for a wide variety of business purposes.




This Privacy Notice only applies to Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information. “Personal Information” refers to data that may be used to contact or identify an individual or when put together with other information would directly and certainly identify and individual. These may include, but are not limited to, first and last name; street address; postal code, country of residence; email address; telephone number; signature, financial information such as credit and debit card numbers and/or other identifying information. The term Personal Information may also include non-identifying data that may be stored jointly with Personal Information.


Sensitive Personal Information refers to information:


a) About an individual´s race, ethnic origin, marital status, age, color, and religious, philosophical or political affiliations;


b) About and individual´s health, education, genetic or sexual life, or related to any proceeding for any offense committed or alleged to have been committed by such individual, the development of such proceedings, or the resolution of any court on such proceedings;


c) Issued by government agencies pertaining to an individual which may include but is not limited to, social security numbers, previous or current health records, licenses or their denials, suspension or revocation, and tax returns.

Information that does not identify a person, such as anonymous or aggregated data, is not covered by this Privacy Notice.


We may collect, use, disclose and store such information, in order to evaluate and improve our service and product offerings; confirm that the financial data you provide when hiring or acquiring a service or product matches you identity; contact you personally by phone or email, with marketing, advertising or commercial prospection purposes and in case you request it, provide information in relation to the KidZania Loyalty Program named B-KidZanian (the Program).


If you state your refusal for the use of your personal data for the above mentioned purposes, such refusal may not be a cause for KidZania to deny the services or products you hire or acquire.  


In the collection and handling of personal data provided by you, we comply with all the principles contained in article 6 of the Law: Legality, quality, consent, information, purpose, loyalty, proportionality and responsibility.




This Privacy Notice covers the Websites and any applications issued by KidZania.


Our Websites contain links to the individual websites of the different KidZania locations (KZ Locations) which are operated by KidZania Franchisees (KidZania Franchisees) and have their own privacy notices/policies applicable to the information collected in them and consistent with the local laws of the territories where those KZ Locations are located. Information collected in those sites is not subject to this Privacy Notice.


In addition, our Websites may link to third party websites that are not owned or controlled by a KidZania Company. These third-party websites may collect personal information. The information practices of such websites, organizations and or businesses, including those of our Industry Partners (sponsors) and commercial partners, are governed by the privacy policies/notices therein and are not under the scope or covered or governed by this Privacy Notice. KidZania does not endorse and is not responsible for the practices of the referred sites.


We recommend that when you leave our Websites, you check the privacy policies of each of the websites you access to before providing your personal information.




KidZania does not ask you to submit Personal Information or Sensitive Personal Information, or to register to access our Websites; however we do ask for your acceptance on the use of cookies by accepting this Privacy Notice (see information on the use of cookies below).


KidZania provides contact information so that you may contact us if you have questions or would like more information about KidZania. If you contact us by email or postal mail, we may use any Personal Information or Sensitive Personal Information you provide, to respond to your inquiry, to improve our customer service, and for other internal purposes (ie. statistics).


KidZania may request minimal amounts of Personal Information or Sensitive Personal Information in connection with the use of a KidZania application on a mobile device. However, unless the application is used to upload data to a KidZania website, online service, or a third-party service, such information is stored only on the device and is not collected, stored or used in any other way by us. Due to concerns about younger users using applications to upload what may include Personal Information or Sensitive Personal Information to the Internet, KidZania requires parents or guardians to consent to such use of the application by the minor before an upload to a KidZania website would be allowed. For more information, please see our Notice to Parents: Online Child Privacy, below.


KidZania may use technical means to collect certain non-personally identifiable information about visitors to our Websites. We may also work with a third-party service provider to collect similar information. To do this, KidZania and/or our service providers may use cookies or other technical measures to enable the collection of information and its correlation over time. KidZania Companies, KidZania Franchisees, KZ Locations and service providers will not combine anonymous data collected via the Websites with Personal Information.


Log Information: In order to allow your connection to the Websites, our servers receive and record information about your computer and browser, such as your IP address, browser type, http referrer (where you visited our Websites from) and other software or hardware information. If you access KidZania from a mobile or other consumer electronic device, we may collect a unique device identifier (“UDID”) assigned to that device or other transactional information for that device.


For more information about cookies or to stop accepting cookies, please see: OnGuardOnline’s Understanding Cookies at




KidZania may share Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information within the KidZania Companies and with KidZania Franchisees and KZ Locations, related entities partners and service providers so that we may provide and manage the Websites and our applications. For example, we may hire a third-party service provider or agent to help host the Websites, help us with contests or promotions, facilitate bookings or to serve advertising. Third-party service providers who work on behalf of KidZania must agree to only use Personal Information or Sensitive Personal Information subject to the applicable privacy notices and policies to provide services to the KidZania Companies or an operator.


KidZania, KidZania Companies, KidZania Franchisees, KZ Locations and third-party service providers may use your Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information only for the following purposes and with the legitimate interest of providing better services and enhance your experience in relation to the KidZania brand:


To respond to your inquiries and provide customer support for your use of KidZania content and services available through our Websites or applications.


To deliver relevant event notices, content, and advertisements for products, services, contests or promotions on behalf of KidZania, KidZania Companies, KidZania Franchisees, KZ Locations or sponsors.


To measure and improve your experience on the Websites or with our applications.


To confirm and coordinate your booking dates and the number of visitors.


In the event of a bankruptcy, or a merger, acquisition, joint venture or other business transaction, involving our Websites and applications, Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information may be transferred as part of the assets of the company, but will remain at all time, subject to this Privacy Notice.


Additionally, Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information may be disclosed without prior notice when KidZania has a good faith belief that such disclosure is necessary in order to protect or defend the legal rights or property of KidZania, other KidZania Companies or their collaborators, agents and contractors (including enforcement of our agreements); to protect the safety and security of other KidZania users or members of the public; to protect the integrity of our Websites; to protect against fraud or for risk management purposes; or to comply with legal provision or in relation to any legal process.


KidZania will not sell, rent, or share Personal Information or Sensitive Personal Information with third parties for any reason other than those described above without first obtaining your consent.




Safety is a top priority for KidZania. We have implemented the corresponding measures, policies and procedures in accordance to the Law, its Regulation, the Guidelines for the Privacy Notice and Article 32 of the GDPR to provide an appropriate level of security for the Personal Information and Sensitive Personal

Information that we collect, store and in any other way use, such measures and procedures include but are not limited to encryption and anonymization of data, the existence of Brach Management Policies. We require that any other third parties to whom we disclose Personal Information governed by this Privacy Notice implement similar safeguards to protect Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information.


In case of data breach involving Personal Information and/or Sensitive Personal Information collected, managed, stored or in any other way used by KidZania, public notice will be given through the Websites.


If you have concerns about data breach involving information you have provided to us, please send us an email at: [email protected].




You have the right to know the Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information held by KidZania, as well as the purposes and conditions of its use (Access). In addition, you have the right to request the correction of your Personal Information in case it is not updated, it is inaccurate or incomplete (Rectification); its removal from our records, data bases, when you consider it is not being used in accordance to the principles, duties and obligations contained in the Law (Cancellation); and oppose to the use of your personal data for specific purposes (Opposition). These rights are known as ARCO rights. To exercise any of the ARCO rights, you should file a request through the following email address: [email protected].




Your request shall include at least: (a) Name and address or other means to communicate the response to your request; (b) The documents that prove your identity or, if applicable legal representation; (c) The clear and precise description of the personal data in relation to which you are requesting the exercise of the ARCO rights; (d) any other element that may facilitate the search of the personal data. In case you request for a rectification of your personal data, you shall indicate the modifications that shall be made and provide documents to support your request. KidZania shall communicate within a maximum of 20 days from the date of receipt of the access, rectification, cancellation or opposition request, the corresponding resolution, so that, in case the request is appropriate, effect is given to it within 15 days following the resolution. For requests regarding the access to personal data, the delivery of data will proceed upon proof of identity or proper legal representation as applicable.




You ca withdraw the consent that you have at any time given to us for the use of your personal data, however it is important to consider that we may not be able to grant your request or suspend the use immediately, since it is possible that due to a legal obligation we might need to continue using your personal data. In addition, you shall consider that, for certain purposes, withdrawal of consent may imply we will not be able to continue granting our services to you or it may even imply the termination of your relation with us.


To withdraw your consent and understand the process and requirements for such withdrawal, you shall file a request to [email protected].




This Privacy Notice may be modified, changed or updated in accordance to new legal requirements, KidZania´s actual needs, products or services we offer; our privacy practices; changes in our business model or other causes.


We commit to keep you informed through the Websites of all changes and updates in this Privacy Notice.


If you consider that your right for personal data protection has bee violated by the behavior of our employees, our deeds or answers, you can contact our Data Protection Unit at: [email protected], without prejudice of your right to contact the Instituto Nacional de Transparencia, Acceso a la Información y Protección de Datos Personales (INAI).  For more information please visit




There are KZ Locations around the globe, and we recognize that the Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information that we collect may be subject to protections under the laws of your country. Your Personal Information and/or Sensitive Personal Information may be transferred or made available to and among KidZania Companies, KidZania Franchisees or service providers in other KZ Locations around the world. Some of these countries may not require equivalent protections for Personal Information or Sensitive Personal Information as such protections exist under your local laws.

By providing Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information to us, you acknowledge and consent to the collection, processing, transfer, and disclosure described in this Policy. Any KidZania Companies or third parties who process data subject to this Privacy Notice are required to follow the provisions herein and appropriately protect your Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information.




The Personal Information you provide to us with the purpose of participating in the B-KidZanian Loyalty Program (the Program), Will be collected and used as follows:


Collection: We ask parents and guardians to provide the following information about the child at the point of enrollment: the child's first and last name; birth date; country of birth; country of residence; the KZ Location where the child's Passport is issued.  We also ask for first and last name; country of residence; telephone number (optional) and email address from the parent or guardian. When your child's Passport is issued, we may take a photo of your child for the Passport. If you enroll online at;; o, you will be requested to créate a user account and a password for such account.


Use: This information is used to issue a Passport that can be utilized at KZ Locations. Your child's Passport should be carefully safeguarded. We also use this information to send you relevant notices, promotions, and other offers. We may store your child's photo to replace lost Passports or personalize your child's online experience. Enrollment information may also be used to create an online account where you or your child may track progress in the program.


Sharing: KidZania may share and/or transfer enrollment information with other KidZania Companies or service providers in order to provide Program benefits. KidZania will not share your or your child's Personal Information, except as described in this policy, without first obtaining your consent.


B- KidZanian Program Participation


Collection: KidZania will track your child's activities in KZ Locations in order to provide Program benefits. The information we collect from your child at KZ Locations includes: time and date of entry at each location visited; information about each activity your child visits or participates in during his or her time at each location; kidZos earned or redeemed during each visit; specific accomplishments at certain activities, such as completing university requirements or other training.


Use: We use this information to determine your child's level in the Program and to provide your child with the benefits associated with that level. This information and your contact information will be used to provide you and your child with information about: the Program and its benefits; your child's activities and progress; B-KidZanian online services; and offers to you from KidZania and/or KidZania Franchisees, industry partners and advertisers.


Sharing: We share information regarding your child's activities at KZ Locations, Program status, pending offers, or interests to our KidZania Franchisees; industry partners who directly operate activities at KZ Locations, or to other service providers to allow them offer Program services and to enhance and personalize your child's visit to each KZ Location.



B-KidZanian Online Services


B-KidZanian provides a website where both you and your child can create linked online accounts where you can create and edit profiles; view summaries of Program status, benefits, and activities; and manage account information and communication preferences.


Collection: To create an online account, parents must provide their first and last name, country of residence, telephone (optional), email address, a User ID, and a password. Parents may establish an online account for their children by linking existing Passports to the online account and choosing a User ID and password. Your and your child's online account information will be combined with information collected at KZ Locations to allow us to provide a comprehensive B-KidZanian experience. To the extent that the B-KidZanian website allows enrolled members to participate in Program activities through the website, information about such activities including the User ID, date and time, type of activity, and the Internet Protocol address will also be collected.


In addition to the information you provide, KidZania may use technical means to collect certain non-personally identifiable information about visitors to the B. KidZanian site.


Customer Support


KidZania stands ready to help if you have questions or concerns regarding the Program. While at a KZ Location, please contact a Zupervisor in the Passport Office for assistance. You may also contact our Data Privacy Officer by email or postal mail at the contact information provided below. If you contact us, we may collect your name, your child's name, your email address, your child's Passport number or other information necessary to verify B-KidZanian account information and to address your concern. This information may be stored and used to improve the B- KidZanian Program, our customer service, or until it is needed for other business purposes.


Respect for Children's Privacy


KidZania is committed to offering fun and safe experiences for children. We require a parent or legal guardian to authorize a child's participation in the Program. We do not share your child's Personal Information with any third party, unless it is necessary to provide your child with program benefits.


Retention Period


Once your child ages out of the Program, on the date he or she reaches the age to be considered an adult in the KZ Location where the Passport is issued, your and/or your child’s Personal Information will be archived in a closed profile and kept in accordance to applicable law for the purpose of establishing, exercising or defending legal rights if it may be the case. Thereafter, after the period indicated above, your and/or your child’s information will be securely deleted.


The procedure described above will be applied in the cases in which your or your child`s account is closed and/or deleted by you.




If you have any questions or concerns about this Policy, please contact us at:

KidZania: Juan Salvador Agraz 50, PH, Col. Santa Fe Cuajimalpa Lomas de Santa Fe Cuajimalpa, Cuajimalpa de Morelos, Mexico City, C.P. 05348


Data Protection Officer: Paulina Cruz Reyes


Email: [email protected]


Notice to Parents: Children’s Online Privacy


KidZania provides the following information to notify parents and legal guardians of KidZania’s policies and practices for handling Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information that may be obtained from a minor at a KZ Location, a KidZania application, or any other KidZania online service.


KidZania obtains consent from parents and guardians to allow online interaction between minors and KidZania online services.


KidZania has a policy of not collecting, using or disclosing Personal Information or Sensitive Personal Information from minors except with prior parental consent, consent provided on behalf of a parent by an educational institution, or in case of a legal provision that requires such collection (e.g. risk of imminent harm to a child). If a parent or guardian refuses in writing or otherwise in a material form, to consent to the collection, use or disclosure of the information, KidZania will not collect, use or disclose the information.


If a parent or guardian consents to the use of a KidZania application, the child may take a photo of himself or herself which they may then customize using graphic elements provided by KidZania. KidZania may ask your child for basic biographical information such as first name, age or month/day of birth, gender, or country where the child resides or other non-specifically identifying information.


If a parent or guardian further consents to the minor uploading the final image and biographical data to a KidZania-operated website, then KidZania may collect, use and disclose the image to other users of the application and website, third parties who may view the KidZania website, search engines or other technologies that catalog publicly available online content, partners and service providers. KidZania does not control and is not responsible for the policies and practices of third-party sites where users of a KidZania application may post content.


A parent or legal guardian may withdraw his/her consent at any time and request deletion of his/her child’s Personal Information from KidZania’s systems. If such a request is received, KidZania will immediately remove any of the child’s content from public view, delete all copies of the child’s content, and refuse the child further access to the site.


A parent or legal guardian may also request to review any Personal Information and/or Sensitive Personal Information if any held by KidZania pertaining to their child and may request deletion of such information.


To withdraw your consent, place a request for the deletion of content or personal data or request a review of the data we have from your child, you can contact us in the address and email referred above.